What is HedgeFundamentals?

HedgeFundamentals is a web portal delivering focused, insightful information on the hedge fund industry. The resources provided here will give visitors a greater understanding of key issues related to the industry, including:

  • What is a hedge fund?
  • Who invests in hedge funds?
  • Why do investors partner with hedge funds?
  • What role do hedge funds play in the global economy?
  • How do recent regulatory efforts such as the Dodd-Frank Act and European Union regulations shape the hedge fund industry?

The site contains updated information from industry professionals – including academics – giving visitors important insight and data from some of the most knowledgeable sources in the business.

Why did we create Hedge Fundamentals?

Managed Funds Association created this website to promote greater understanding of the hedge fund industry and the important role it plays in helping pension plans, university endowments, charitable organizations, and others diversify their investments, manage risk, and deliver reliable returns over time. The web site also offers insight on important international legislative and regulatory issues impacting the alternative investment fund industry.